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The Hidden Lair Newsletter February 2015


January 2015

  • The Prerelease for Fate Reforged was amazing lots of fun and the set is looking to make some noise in a couple of Formats.
  • The Sneak Peek for Secrets of Eternity was fantastic had some new faces which is always good to see!!
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Day was Stellar 26 players from Central Illinois graced us with the Largest YGO turnout to date!!!
  • Pokemon!! our numbers are growing each week and we thank our players for that.
  • Smash Brothers Project M League 1 Will conclude this month and you can watch it Live on TwitchTV even if you cant be at the store for the event!!!

Upcoming Releases

  • Pokemon TCG Primal Clash
  • HeroClix War of Light Storyline OP Kit Re-Lit February 4th
  • HeroClix DC Justice League Trinity War February 18th
  • DnD Dice Masters Battle for Faerun

This Months Pomos

YGO HeroClix Battle For the Millennium Month 1

Weekly Schedule of Events


  • 5pm: FREE Magic Your Way – Casual Magic the Gathering Play for all players and skill levels!


  • 6pm: $5 Yu-Gi-Oh! Humpday Duels – Advance Constructed.


  • 5pm: FREE Board Game Gauntlet – demoing 2-3 Board Games every Thursday and answering any Questions you might have.
  • 7pm: FREE Open Gaming – come on in, raid our Demo Shelf, and have some FUN!!!


  • 5pm: $5 Casual Friday Magic – Love the game but don’t play in any format? This is the game for you! Everyone gets a pack for playing with the remainder going to the top spot. Everybody wins!
  • 6:30pm: $5 Friday Night Magic – Standard Constructed. The new set, Khans of Tarkir, is here so lets see those new decks.


  • 11am: $5 Pokemon – Standard play everyone gets a pack for playing!!
  • 2pm: $5 Dice Masters! – Bring your 8 man team and 2 Actions and test your skills against our players.
  • 6pm: FREE Saturday Night Commander


  • 2pm: $5 Yu-Gi-Oh! SundayFunday – Advanced Constructed and the winner gets a prize card that will change from week-to-week.

Special Events

Magic The Gathering Fate Reforged Gameday

Smash Bros League 1 Session 3 and Session 4


Each Day of February we are featuring a different game! Come in anytime, grab a game off of our Demo shelf, and try it out. Don’t know how to play? Let our staff sit down and teach you! This month, there is even a special day set aside for it! Our Demo section is growing.

Also be sure to come in and vote for your favorite local teacher. More on that coming soon.

February League Structure—Check store for details!

Magic The Gathering, Standard Construction
Magic The Gathering, Modern Construction
Magic The Gathering, EDH Play
Kaijudo, Standard Construction
Heroclix, 300pt Construction
Heroclix, 500pt Construction
Heroclix, Draft Format
Yu-Gi-Oh, Standard Construction
Netrunner, Standard Construction
Dice Masters, unknown structure

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Yu-Gi-Oh Highlander! There can only be one!

This past weekend we had our first Yu-Gi-Oh Highlander tournament at The Hidden Lair. The rules were very simple you could play with any card on the banned list (besides a select few that break the game), but you could only play one copy of each card. This would mean you could do really cool tricks with old banned cards once again.

[singlepic id=161 w=180 h=140 mode=watermark float=left]Cards like a Last Will, Cyber-Stein, Painful Choice and many others came back from the grave. But with the allowance of being able to play them we had to restrict everything to one. A lot of the new mentor meta-cards sided with cards from older generations. This made for a fun and exciting new experience here at The Hidden Lair.

[singlepic id=163 w=180 h=140 mode=watermark float=right]Just to give everyone a idea of what I was playing with was a mix of the Burning Abyss archetype, frogs and Monarchs.  My idea was to utilize the constant tribute fodder of the frogs. Also the ability to cycle through my deck with the Burning Abyss monsters to access old broken cards like Sangan and create big cards like Dante, The Traveler of the Burning Abyss and Virgil, The Rockstar of the Burning abyss. Unfortunately I was unable to keep up with some of our local top players.

[singlepic id=165 w=180 h=140 mode=watermark float=left]The format requires that you know the uses of the old banned cards and incorporate them at a pace that will benefit you. Since you are only getting a single copy of one card chances are you will want to create combos too quickly, which may give you the advantage but can be a disadvantage as well. Not knowing what broken card your opponent will use is a big part in Highlander.

[singlepic id=160 w=180 h=140 mode=watermark float=right]Josh Thomas was the winner of the tournament and won himself a ultimate rare Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End. Here in the near future we will be talking with the champ in person to discuss his decisions on his deck build, what you could learn from his playing style and how he won the tournament. He will also give us some feedback on what should be banned for the next highlander format.

[singlepic id=162 w=180 h=140 mode=watermark float=left]Sunday when he won he stated, “Painful Choice needs to be banned next time, it’s way too powerful.” Especially combined with this quarters meta, Shaddolls and Burning Abyss, it is a very grand card.

If you have any questions on how the tournament format is set up we will assist in answering those questions the best that we can. And we will be hosting many more of these tournaments in the future. So get your banned cards ready for a fun day of dueling!

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Mark Henderson’s Bujin Deck Profile

Deck List: 40 cards

Monsters: 17

*3x Bujin Yamato

*2x Bujin Hirume

*2x Bujin Mikazuchi

*1x Bujin Arasuda

*3x Bujingi Crane

*1x Honest

*2x Bujingi Turtle

*2x Bujingi Hare

*1x Bujingi Quilin


Spells: 15

*3x Fire Formation, Tenki

*2x Mystical Space Typhoon

*2x Forbidden Lance

*2x Pot of Duality

*2x Bujincarnation

*2x Kaiser Colosseum

*1x Raigeki

*1x Soul Charge


Traps:  8

*3x Fiendish Chain

*2x Dimensional Prision

*1x Compulsory Evacuation Device

*1x Solemn Warning

*1x Bottomless Trap Hole


Extra Deck: 15

*1x Brotherhood of the Fire Fist, Tiger King

*1x Bujinki Amaterasu

*1x Bujintei Kagutsuchi

*2x Bujintei Susanowo

*1x Bujintei Tsukiyomi

*1x Gagaga Cowboy

*1x Diamond Dire Wolf

*2x Number 101: Silent Honor Ark

*1x Evilswarm Exciton Knight

*1x Starliege Paladynamo

*1x Number 80: Rhapsody In Berserk

*1x Number 82: Heartlandraco

*1x Photon Papilloperative

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