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What’s New at the Hidden Lair

There is a lot new coming into the Hidden Lair this week, so lets get right into it.

First, we’ve got Dice Masters: Age of Ultron.

Age of UltronTalk about an amazing Marvel summer. Coinsiding with the release of Avengers 2: Age of Ultron and the more recent Ant Man, the latest Dice Masters set features a combination of all new characters – in Dice Masters – along with some fan favorites brought up-to-date with new features and abilities. This set has classic characters such as Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, and Captain America… wow, that roster sure seems familiar, doesn’t it, along with new to the scene characters like Rocket Raccoon and Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel, Kang, and lots, lots more.

If you are a fan of comics and have always wanted to get into Dice Masters, now is a great time.

Next, we have Magic: the Gathering Origins.

Magic OriginsTalk about a great entry point into the game, Magic Origins gives players the chance to play their favorite Planeswalkers during their rise to power. Each deck features a different Planeswalker and tells the story of how their spark of power first emerged. Decks feature beloved characters such as Nissa, Gideon, Liliana, Chandra, and – my man – Jace. These decks play with some new features to the game while sticking pretty close to basics, as each of these Planeswalkers focuses on a different color (Nissa being Green, Gideon being White, Liliana being Black, Chandra being Red, and Jace being my personal favorite, Blue. Yes, I’m THAT kind of player). So if you are finally ready to take the plunge and see what Magic: the Gathering is all about, here is your chance. Otherwise you can take this opportunity to see how the greatest heroes of Magic: the Gathering came to power, and get some great cards in the process.

Finally, all you Yu-Gi-Oh! fans should be happy to hear that we’ve got the latest expansion, Crossed Souls, in stock and ready for you.

Crossed SoulsCome on in for all your Yu-Gi-Oh! needs and take part in our weekly tourneys for your chance to be crowned Champion of the Lair.

For more information on any of these great games, be sure to stop by the Lair. We are always eager to help you get the most out of your games. Also be sure to check out our Demo Shelf if you are interested in trying out something new and don’t forget to check out Gamemaster’s Gametable for more on many of the great table-top role-playing games you can find at the Lair.

We hope to see you soon.

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The Hidden Lair Newsletter February 2015


January 2015

  • The Prerelease for Fate Reforged was amazing lots of fun and the set is looking to make some noise in a couple of Formats.
  • The Sneak Peek for Secrets of Eternity was fantastic had some new faces which is always good to see!!
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Day was Stellar 26 players from Central Illinois graced us with the Largest YGO turnout to date!!!
  • Pokemon!! our numbers are growing each week and we thank our players for that.
  • Smash Brothers Project M League 1 Will conclude this month and you can watch it Live on TwitchTV even if you cant be at the store for the event!!!

Upcoming Releases

  • Pokemon TCG Primal Clash
  • HeroClix War of Light Storyline OP Kit Re-Lit February 4th
  • HeroClix DC Justice League Trinity War February 18th
  • DnD Dice Masters Battle for Faerun

This Months Pomos

YGO HeroClix Battle For the Millennium Month 1

Weekly Schedule of Events


  • 5pm: FREE Magic Your Way – Casual Magic the Gathering Play for all players and skill levels!


  • 6pm: $5 Yu-Gi-Oh! Humpday Duels – Advance Constructed.


  • 5pm: FREE Board Game Gauntlet – demoing 2-3 Board Games every Thursday and answering any Questions you might have.
  • 7pm: FREE Open Gaming – come on in, raid our Demo Shelf, and have some FUN!!!


  • 5pm: $5 Casual Friday Magic – Love the game but don’t play in any format? This is the game for you! Everyone gets a pack for playing with the remainder going to the top spot. Everybody wins!
  • 6:30pm: $5 Friday Night Magic – Standard Constructed. The new set, Khans of Tarkir, is here so lets see those new decks.


  • 11am: $5 Pokemon – Standard play everyone gets a pack for playing!!
  • 2pm: $5 Dice Masters! – Bring your 8 man team and 2 Actions and test your skills against our players.
  • 6pm: FREE Saturday Night Commander


  • 2pm: $5 Yu-Gi-Oh! SundayFunday – Advanced Constructed and the winner gets a prize card that will change from week-to-week.

Special Events

Magic The Gathering Fate Reforged Gameday

Smash Bros League 1 Session 3 and Session 4


Each Day of February we are featuring a different game! Come in anytime, grab a game off of our Demo shelf, and try it out. Don’t know how to play? Let our staff sit down and teach you! This month, there is even a special day set aside for it! Our Demo section is growing.

Also be sure to come in and vote for your favorite local teacher. More on that coming soon.

February League Structure—Check store for details!

Magic The Gathering, Standard Construction
Magic The Gathering, Modern Construction
Magic The Gathering, EDH Play
Kaijudo, Standard Construction
Heroclix, 300pt Construction
Heroclix, 500pt Construction
Heroclix, Draft Format
Yu-Gi-Oh, Standard Construction
Netrunner, Standard Construction
Dice Masters, unknown structure

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February 2015 Friday Night Magic or FNM Decatur, IL

Lets start the new years off right with Friday Night Magic promo cards. This month we have the Disdainful Stroke, a 2 CMC instant that counters target spell with CMC 4 or greater.  This card is seeing alot of play right now across a couple of decks Yet another solid card for an FNM promo.

Make sure you are here, at The Hidden Lair, for Friday Night Magic and take your shot at earning the title of Champion of the Lair.

Also be sure to check out our ever expanding Demo Section while you are here and be sure to take advantage of our 3 for $10 deal on Games Workshop paints.

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