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Black Friday at The Hidden Lair in Decatur, IL

Black Friday draws ever closer and with it comes some incredible deals from your friends at The Hidden Lair. Here is the Black Friday Ad for Decatur, IL 2014

Here are just some of the special deals we are going to offer, while supplies last:

Yu-Gi-Oh! – Battle Pack 3 $9.99

Primal Origins Packs 3 for $5

Geargia Rampage Structure Decks 3 for 20.99

Space Time Showdown Super Starter 3 for 30.99

Adventure Time Card Wars Princess Bubblegum vs Lumpy Space Princess $9.99

Dice Masters Uncanny X-Men Gravity Geed $59.99

Magic the Gathering – Commander 2013 – Nature of the Beast Deck $12.99

Chaos War HeroClix Marquee Figure & Card Vision $1.99 *Free with retail Heroclix purchase of $50.00 or more

Star Wars X-Wing: TIE Bomber Expansion Pack Game $9.99

Bravest Warriors Co-Operative Dice Game $14.99

Command Tower Deck Box $16.99

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Munchkin 5 DeRanged $12.99

Android Netrunner LCG: Second Thoughts Data Pack $9.99

Munchkin Clerical Errors $14.99

Holiday Fluxx Card Game $9.99 *Free with retail purchase over $100

Yugioh Factory Sealed Primal Origin: Deluxe Edition Box $19.99

MTG Magic the Gathering 2014 Duel Deck SPEED vs. CUNNING $12.50

Betrayal At House on the Hill Second Ed.  $44.99

All Pokemon Starter Decks $9.99

Pokemon Furious Fists Boosters 2 packs for $5

Pokemon Furious Fists Box $84.99

And MORE!!!

We will be open at 3pm. Like you, we want to have some time to spend with our families and friends this Thanksgiving and hope you are all given some chance to do the same.

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Avengers vs X-men Dice Masters Commercial by Wizkids

Check out the new Dice Masters Commercial by Wizkids. Marvel Dice Masters: The Uncanny X-Men, the all-new follow-up to the Dice Masters series, releasing 10/22. Marvel Dice Masters: The Uncanny X-Men is fully compatible with Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs. X-Men, and features classic X-Men characters from Marvel Comics, including Cyclops, Magneto, Wolverine, the Sentinels and more!

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