The Hidden Lair new location holds 70+ tournament goers!

During GAMA this year, Derrick Bradshaw spoke with Konami, and started negotiations to participate in regionals and qualifiers.  Just like with Wizards of the Coasts and our Advanced Store Status with Friday Night Magic (FNM), we are rising in the ranks of Konami as an OTS, or official tournament store. The Hidden Lair is also in negotations with larger stores in the area  (Chicago, IL, St Louis, MO, and Indianapolis, IN) to bring more gaming events to Decatur and the surrounding towns. Keep watching our website for details on Konami and Wizard events! A new yearly schedule for these larger national tournaments should be released soon. Our current location only has a few hundred square feet of retail space and another few hundred for gaming with seating for about 15-30 people. As our customers know, we are hitting that 30 person mark more frequently every day, and 30 people is not very comfortable! Construction begins on the building behind the main structure within the next 30-60 days, and should be completed by summer. The entire store will move to this second building with additional parking behind.  Over the last couple of days, we have made some changes to our retail floor which has increased our inventory by about 50%, to prepare for the move to our new store where we will double or even triple every aspect of our current store, even the improved inventory. We will have seating for 60-80 people for regular events, with a separate area for seating which can be converted for increased numbers. This lounge area will be available to visitors attending with a gamer so that they can relax while their friends are playing. We also plan to run multiple smaller venue games at the same time, now that the additional space will allow us to put more attention into games outside of the main gaming area. This also means that more tables will be free even if we are running events. We have not had to turn anyone away yet, and we don’t want that to happen!  The layout of the new building will allow us to use every square foot for either gaming tables or merchandise. Our food and beverage section will also increase with things such as premium snacks, coffee, and premium beverages. This is a very exciting time for our store and the gaming community in general. Our success is your success with larger events, more prizes, and even guest appearances! So, get ready Decatur Gamers!  We have people scheduled to visit that you will definitely want to see and get your picture with!

With the addition to the store also comes the Champion of the Lair Hall of Fame, which lists all our Champions as well as what game and how many times they have won. These Champions will also be displayed in our store at the new location. An entire section will be devoted to honoring these talented duelists!

Great things are on the horizon!  Check back for updates!

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