Star Trek Heroclix Tactics: Series III

  Are you ready for the borg?  The Hidden Lair will be supporting the newly anticipated Star Trek Tactics III OP kit.  Month one features a borg cube shown in the picture in this article.   Reistance is futile with this amazing set featuring everything Heroclix has to offer.  Star Trek fans will be able to recreate epic Star Trek battles with 4 new factions and starships such as Bajorans, Kazon, and the alusive Species 8472.  Don’t forget the most important, BORG!  Also this set includes all-new ship type: Assimilated vessels with two team abilities (Borg and their former affiliation)!  The starter sets containing four unique, pre-painted starships (the Federation USS Enterprise-D, the Kazon Olga Razik, the Borg Assimilator 84, and the Borg Scout 255) complete with a HeroClix core rulebook, the HeroClix Powers and Abilities Card, object tokens, and two full-color maps, as well as 12-count countertop displays featuring 28 different, all-new, pre-painted starships showcasing models never-before-seen as 3D figures!



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