May 2014 Friday Night Magic or FNM near Springfield, IL

 The May promos are in and after last months we are ready for a good one.  Tormented Hero is a 1 Black creature 2/1 that enters the battlefield tapped. and has Heroic-whenever you cast a spell that targets Tormented Hero, each opponent loses 1 life.  You gain life equal to the life list this way.  We have been getting over 20 players for Friday Night Magic with each week having new players. The word is getting out, we are the central Illinois premier gaming destination and people are driving up to an hour to come play. Winners of our events get the coveted title of Champion of the Lair and are interviewed with a photo on our website. Another reason for having our Demo Section, which is always open. Feel free to stay after FNM and play one of our many games for free. With games such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Kaijudo, Netrunner, Quarriors, Dice Masters, and Heroclix, you can always find someone in our store to play just about any game with.

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