HeroClix War of Light Organized Play Event Month 1

War of Light is finally here and we are all very excited.  The first month of this 6 month OP Kit is a good one.  The Participation item is the Green Power Battery and the Green Construct Crossbow that gives whoever is holding it ranged combat expert.  The Top 8 Prize is Rond Vidar a Green Lantern with Outwit for most of the dial and only looses it to gain Probability Control and for 80 points, hes not bad at all.  The First Prize is the Orange Lantern Larfleeze.  At 8 Clicks hes a formidable foe and for 200 points, could be the center piece of a great team.  The War of Light promos and set looks just as good, if not better, than the Fear Itself stuff so we are excited to bring this set into town.

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