Yu-Gi-Oh! Champion of the Lair – Jordan Lee – Burning Abyss

 Welcoming our official Humpday Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments starting at 6pm (tentative) we have a new day and chance to become a Champion. On October 1st we welcomed our new ban list with a plethora of newly limited Raigekis and and unlimited ROTAs. A fair turnout made for a challenging night of dueling.

Multi-Champion of the Lair, Brad Boyd, and recent Lair newcomer, Jordan Lee, made their way into the finals. Brad with his Lightsworns deck and Jordan with his Burning Abyss deck made for a grand final match up. Brad filled his grave with as many effects that he could, but Burning Abyss’ control was just a bit too much. Jordan was able to work his way to the top with his newly acquired top tier deck.

Make sure you come out on Wednesday nights to try to win the title Champion.

Congratulations to Jordan Lee for becoming our newest Champion of the Lair.

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