November 2014 Friday Night Magic or FNM Decatur, IL

The November promos are in. Featured here is Brain Maggot is a black Enchantment Creature that only costs 1 black and 1 colorless mana. When you cast this creature it has almost the same effect as Thought-seize but without the requirement of 2 life. So, while this card is more expensive than Thoughtseize, you do not loose 2 life and you get a creature out of the deal! How cool is that?

These promos, like those of the previous months, are foil and look incredibly cool. Winners of our Friday Night Magic events get the coveted title of Champion of the Lair and are interviewed with a photo on our website.

Feel free to stay after FNM and play one of our many games for free in the much larger and improved Demo Section. With games such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Kaijudo, Netrunner, Quarriors, Dice Masters, and Heroclix, you can always find someone in our store to play just about any game with.

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