Introducing HeroClix Grab Bags

Attention HeroClix Fans!!!

We have an excess of OP items and some rares laying around so we decided to put together some grab bags for you.  These Bags will be distributed at random. When you come in and play in a constructed event you will be given the chance to pick one up for only $20.

What figures are in them, you ask?  Well its simple; you will be guaranteed 2 figures, some sort of exclusive and a random OP Limited Edition Figures, and 2 random OP items, one of which maybe a large OP item such as Phoenix Busting Iron Man or a Team Base.  There will also be an assortment of commons and uncommons included in them to give you a good start to a collection, making this a perfect way to get into the game, or good trading fodder for those with full sets. A full list of High Dollar figures will follow once they have been picked out.

Each bag is guaranteed to have at least $30 worth of product in them and once the initial 20 are sold more will be made.

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