Yu-Gi-Oh Mega Tournament Champion of the Lair – Hung Phan near Springfield, IL

This last Sunday, one of our  new adventurers from Springfield, IL competed in our Mega Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament and stole the show with his Harpy Deck.  Having 2 rough match ups early on, he managed to pull out a 2 and 2 record taking the last spot in the top 8.  His first opponent in the top eight was multiple time Champion, Brad Boyd, whom he narrowly beat in 3.  His second opponent was Joe, another Springfield traveler, who also found defeat…. After this round, he only had one former Champion to face, Chris Cheatham.  Chris only had one loss that day, prior to the top 8, so Chris is no one to mess around with! However, Chris’s Zombies were no match for the Harpy’s on this day and Hung defeated him to win a box of Legacy of the Valiant and the infamous title Champion of the Lair!  So congratulations to Hung Phan the newest Champion of the Lair!

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