Yu-Gi-Oh Champion of the Lair – Kyle Haley

On Sunday November 10th, 2013, The Hidden Lair hosted a win a box tournament for Yu-Gi-Oh. This tournament was structured in such a way that the first place champion would take home a full booster box of Shadow Specter. The Hidden Lair would like to congratulate Kyle Haley on his victory and becoming our newest Champion of the Lair! Kyles dragons soared over the competition; not even losing a single match until the top eight. Even with the allure of a full box of Shadow Specter drawing 18 of Decatur’s finest Yu-Gi-Oh players, Kyle could not be defeated.  A total of two boxes were handed out between all the players at last Sundays event. If you have what it takes to be a Champion of the Lair, see you next week!

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