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Not able to make scheduled tournaments? League play is your answer, come in and enjoy a tournament style environment on your schedule.

BattleTech at The Hidden Lair

BattleTechAttention giant robot fans: The Hidden Lair is looking to start a new BattleTech campaign with gamemaster and Knight of the Lair, David Ames. That’s right, gamers, the old-school giant robot miniatures game is back and better than ever and we here at The Hidden Lair are looking for potential players wanting to get in on the action.

BattleTech is a tactical miniatures game where players take on the role of the pilot of an incredible giant robot – mech – of incredible destructive power. The rules are highly detailed but also easy to learn. Not only that, thanks to more than 25 years of game development and lore, BattleTech has a rich and highly detailed history and universe for the players to explore.

In addition to the new campaign, we are also looking into the possibility of starting up a Solaris VII League, an alternative style of play in Battletech that focuses more on Player vs. Player gladiatorial combat. Of course, as with any League play, we are hoping to set up regular tournaments with prize packages offered to the winners.

Game times are not yet set, as we are still looking for players so if you are interested then let us know. Also be sure to stop in for our Miniatures Workshop on November 22 as well as any of our planned Tactical Tuesdays – every Tuesday at 5pm here at The Hidden Lair – for more on BattleTech and how you can set started.

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The Lair League – Commander MTG

That’s right Commander fans, we will have organized play for everyone’s favorite multi-player Magic Format at The Hidden Lair.

This will be the first League to start at The Hidden Lair and will be subject to change over time. This will also be structured differently than the other Leagues because of the way the games will be played. Please contact the store to sign-up, 217 864 1851

Background: Commander is a modern name for a game known as EDH or Eldar Dragon Highlander. The game is simple in nature, but don’t be fooled it is very complex. The rules are pretty simple; assemble a 100 card deck or more, with 1 of those cards being a legendary creature labeled your commander. This commander will sit in your general zone and not be shuffled into your library. You may cast this general at anytime you have mana but after he dies, the casting cost will increase by 2 colorless mana. Your commander is important because the colors used to cast him/her are the only colors you may use in your deck; so choose him carefully. Once your commander is selected, you can start the process of building your deck. Assemble 99 cards, excluding basic land, no two cards are the same. There is a ban list specifically for this format so you want to avoid those cards. You have now created an EDH deck!

The standard league rules apply which can be found here.

Day of the week: Saturday
Start time: 7:00pm

Each Saturday we will play a Minimum of Two games and that day will be treated as One Round.  At the end of the night, the Top Two players will receive a Store Credit to be used on Singles or Packs then at the end of Four Rounds, Top spots will be paid out again.

Points Per Game will go as follows:

1st Place- 5 Points, 2nd Place- 4 Points, 3rd Place- 3 Points, 4th Place- 2 Points, 5th-Last Will Receive 1 Point each.

Points Per Round will go as follows:

1st Place- 8 Points, 2nd Place- 6 Points, 3rd Place- 4 Points, 4th Place- 3 Points, 5th-Last will Receive 1 Point each.

Gamers Choice Award-At the end of the Night each player will vote for who they thought the best player was and that player will receive 5 Points.

Achievements for the First League:

First Blood- Do The First Damage to a Player (Per Game) 2 Points (Awarded Once per Game)

Leadership- Most General Summons (Per Round) 5 points (One Per Round)

Prosperity- Control 12 or More Lands (Per Game) 5 Points (Everyone Can Earn This)

Down Goes Holyfield- KO Player with General Damage (Per Game) 2 Points (Everyone Can Earn This)

Multi Kill- KO 5 Players with General Damage in One Round (Per Round) 5 Points (Everyone Can Earn This)

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The Hidden Lair is Proud to Present “The Lair Leagues”

Earlier this month, our January Newsletter heralded the creation of League Play. In the beginning, each player will take part in a first round game with all other players. We anticipate this round to last an estimated 1 to 2 weeks to give players a chance to fit play into his or her schedule.

Minimum/Maximum players per event: 8/32

Minimum/Maximum rounds per event: 3/8

The cost of each round is $5.00, which will be used toward tournament payouts. Additionally, a general prize pool of 1.5 packs per person, per round can be expected. If some events contain non-retail packs or items, then an alternative cash prize pool with a league-defined payout structure will be used. In this case, the store will provide 100% of the entry funds as prize support. The payouts to top players will be determined by the total number of players in that league.

To avoid any unfair advantage, “Round Robin” pairing will be used. This works great for players by allowing each person to play a larger number of matches for the same entry fee charged by most other tournaments. At the end of each round, each player will be ranked according to each round’s performance and awarded the appropriate amount of Hidden Lair league points. The points are carried through each round until all players have completed the League. At this time, each player’s points will be totaled. Our League Achievement System will allow players to gain bonus points for achievement as well as earn Titles (see below) to add to their end play totals. Each league will have 5 unique achievements that can vary from other leagues. While a player participates in a league, all other events that he or she attends for that game will be awarded as 1 additional League point. For example, Friday Night Magic (FNM) will grant you 1 league point for each Magic The Gathering league participated in. These Magic The Gathering league events will also qualify players for a chance to win a box of Magic the Gathering boosters!

All events are sanctioned and each player will receive points or credit similar to that of a regular tournament.

We are excited to feature the title Champion of the Lair! A Lair Champion is a player who has navigated him/herself through the depths of the Hidden Lair and stands alone in victory of his/her peers. This is an exceptional title bestowed separately from other league titles. If a player makes an achievement during the course of a league event that has won, this title will be added to that player’s name and their victories will be recorded in our Champions of the Lair Hall of Fame!

For example: John Doe would become Champion

Leader John Doe or Champion John Doe the Favorable!

Once all leagues have been created, a complete list and details will follow! The following games have been selected for possible league play:

Magic The Gathering, Standard Construction
Magic The Gathering, Modern Construction
Magic The Gathering, EDH play (Commander)
Kaijudo, Standard Construction
Heroclix, 300 pt Construction
Heroclix, 500 pt Construction
Heroclix, Draft Format
Yu-Gi-Oh, Standard Construction
Netrunner, Standard Construction
Dice Masters, Unknown Structure (Release date April 2014)

Check back for more details in the coming months!

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