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There are those brave enough to conquer the words most dangerous tasks. Those people, once proven themselves, will be showcased here!

Yu-Gi-Oh Champion of the Lair – Mark Henderson

Wednesday nights at The Hidden Lair have become much more popular since the annoucement of a second tournament. Players unable to make it to our sunday tournaments have another day in the week to become a Champion of the Lair.

Bujins have been a very popular deck at locals but since the release of Duelist Alliance its become littered with Burning Abyss, Shaddolls and Yang Zings. Mark Henderson has been running Bujins since the conception of Yamato. On wednesday night, Mark has a perfect winning streak going into the finals.

In the finals he faced Multi-Champion of the Lair Kyle Haley and his Satellarknights. In the final few turns in game three things seemed pretty grim for Kyle. Mark played his Tenki to search a Mikazuchi, then summoned him to the field. Kyle didn’t want to see any more Xyzs summoning so he flipped Vanity’s Emptiness. Mark went ahead and just attacked with Mikazuchi and Kyle responded with a Call of the Haunted. Mark activated Trap Stun making the search for a monster impossible for Kyle. It was all downhill from there for Kyle. Mark won his first official Champion of the Lair title thanks to a clutch Trap Stun and a Mikazuchi.

Congratuations to Mark Henderson for becoming a Champion of the Lair!


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Yu-Gi-Oh! Champion of the Lair – Brandon Hankal

 Rogue decks are probably the best. Decks that take the format and turn it on its head just for a second. At the Hidden Lair locals, there are a ton of good decks that aren’t “Meta”. People may nay say otherwise, but fun original decks are what keeps locals more interesting than say a regional. A place where Blackwings, Madolches, Mermails and many other well known decks of the past come to rise again. Sunday the 19th of October one of the greats of the past made its way to the Finals table.  Brandon Hankal piloted Lightsworn Rulers during this tournament and found his way to the finals table against previous Champion of the Lair, Chris Cheatham and his Satellarknights.

Game three, Brandon was being locked down by Cheatham’s Dimensional Fissure. Brandon attempted to destroy it by using Lumina’s effect to special summon Lyla from the grave. Cheatham responded with a Book of Moon to make sure her effect did not destroy fissure. Cheatham, on his turn, proceeded to bring out a full board of satellarknights but Brandon had a trump card. A Needle Ceiling destroying all of the face up monsters but not his face down Lyla. Brandon then popped D Fissure on his turn and brought back on of his other banished Lightsworn monsters using Leviair. Cheatham was unable to come back from that clutch Needle Ceiling giving Brandon game three.

Congratulations to Brandon Hankal for becoming a Champion of the Lair!

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Magic The Gathering Champion of the Lair Kris Keefer

This past FNM (Friday Night Magic) was special as the last Friday Night Magic of the Born of the Gods rotation. That night was the first pre-release event for Journey into Nyx.  Kris Keefer has always been a great player, always placing in the top half of the field nearly every week. He easily made his way to the final two, even defeating some Champions along the way. The climactic moment built as he reached the final match and came face to face with one of our most recent Magic The Gathering Champions, Chris Earp. The match went 3 rounds, with Kris the Victor, earning his place as a Champion of the Lair! Congratulations Kris!!!

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