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HeroClix War of Light months 3, 4, 5, and 6

The War of Light wages on and we here at The Hidden Lair have everything you need to build on your collection. We are sorry that we have not kept up to date on getting the word out to everyone about this, but we have been really busy with the move, organizing events, and everything else that has been going on. We are sorry that we haven’t updated since HeroClix War of Light Month 1 Organized Play, however we are hoping to change all that by taking a look at what we have.

In Month 3 we have Saint Walker and the John Stewart Green Lantern, who some say is the greatest of all the Earth Green Lanterns – though I am still a big Hal Jordan fan despite what the comics (and movie that did not happen) did to him. In addition, we also have new Green Energy items – as shown – that each add a great new mechanic to play. Of these, Stewart is a truly incredible piece with a lot of power behind him, as fitting one of the greatest Lanterns of all time.

In Month 4 we have Jade, daughter of Alan Scott and onetime lover of Kyle Rainer, Atrocitus of the Red Lantern Core – and a personal favorite of mine – as well as a new Green Energy item: the scissors… yeah, comparatively hard to get excited about scissors when put next to Jade and Atrocitus, I know. The sculpts in this set look amazing, especially Jade, in my opinion, who I had never even heard of until this set (sue me, I’m a Marvel fan). Apparently she has yet to make her appearance in the New52 series, but given that we are seeing her here I expect she’ll be making her debut before too long.

In Month 5 we have the Kyle Rainer along with Indigo and a green energy construct Nurse. Kyle Rainer is an incredibly power piece, starting off pretty good but after being hit for 2 clicks he gets to his Stop Click where he becomes an absolute monster. He becomes a 12 move/12 attack/19 defense/5 damage with the ability to be modified by the Green Lantern Ring, battery, or any other booster. Not only that, he gains the Duo Attack power and a special where he can be placed anywhere in his move before each of his attacks in addition to Impervious and Quintessence.

Finally, in Month 6, we got our hands on a lot of great OP Items including Star Sapphire, Simon Baz, a boxing glove made of Green Lantern energy, and the incredible grand prize of the War of Light series, Necron. At his strongest version, he gets the ability to revive any character his team downs to his side.

Now, as much as I would love to go into Star Sapphire and Simon Baz, I just cannot get over this Necron sculpt. It looks incredible and would make a great addition to any HeroClix or comic book collector’s collection. Seriously, check this thing out.

Seriously, how awesome is this thing?

For these and more HeroClix, come in and see what we have. Also, be sure to ask Andy about our HeroClix Grab-bags, a perfect way to get your HeroClix collection started.

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Dice Masters months 3, 4, 5, and 6 at The Hidden Lair

Attention Dice Master’s fans, The Hidden Lair has months 3, 4, 5, and 6 Dice Masters miniatures in stock.

We are sorry that we have not been keeping as up to date with Dice Masters as we would have liked, having not had the chance to update since Dice Masters Month 1 Organized Play. The move and everything else that we have been doing has put us a bit behind, but we are looking to correct that by taking a look at these last four months and seeing all that we have missed.

In Month 3 we have the Deflection Action Card and everyone’s favorite clawed, Canadian mutant, Wolverine, looking as feral as ever. Deflection gives a solid defensive boost to any character you has it, giving versatile protection to both a single unit and your whole group when needed, while Wolverine stands out strong thanks to his special: “When Wolverine attacks alone, double your life. This effect cannot raise your life to a value higher than 10.” This brings out both his tendency to fight solo, just like he likes to do in the comics, and his mutant healing factor.

In Month 4 we have the Teleport action as well as the Phoenix Force Colossus, or “Colossunaut” as this features him when he is using the Ruby of Cyttorak – the mystic gem that gave Juggernaut his powers. This Colossus is a beast, given his power of “When Colossus is active, knock out the non-Sidekick character with the lowest cost at the end of each of your turns (you break ties).” I would make a joke about how this fits with what the ruby nearly made him do, but I would find that in bad taste…

Month 5 gives us some much appreciated Iron Man love with the Collateral Damage action card and the Phoenix Buster Iron Man. Collateral Damage is a great way to spread the love among your opponents (and by “love,” of course, I mean “damage”) and the Phoenix Buster is an absolute tank, not to mention a great way to get those Sidekicks out of your used pile in into your prep area. Of course, if its anything like how effective the “Hulk Buster” was against the Hulk, especially back in World War Hulk, I would be hesitant to throw this thing up against the Phoenix. Still, a great card.

Finally, Month 6 gives us the much anticipated Phoenix Force Cyclops as well as the devastating Phoenix Force itself, along with the Takedown action card. While hard to get as excited about an action card here, Takedown is a phenomenal card for bringing down the bad guys. Cyke is a real heavy hitter in this one, thanks to being infused with the Phoenix Force – along with being crazy – as he forces opponents to knock out one of their characters every time Cyclops is blocked. Then we have the Phoenix Force itself, and this thing is nuts. “While Phoenix Force is active, each of your opponent’s characters deals no more than 1 damage to you while attacking.” If used right, this thing is nearly unstoppable.

We have all of these in-stock now, so come on in and grab them for yourself.

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The Lair’s Limited Gauntlet

Calling all M:tG fans out there! The Hidden Lair came across a case of Khans pre-release kits and we are looking to put them to use!!

We are looking for 32 ambitious players that are up for the challenge. This event will actually be a series of 3 events spread throughout Saturday, December 6th, starting at 11:00am.

The first challenge will be a sealed event with everyone taking a Khans kit, making their deck, and competing in a 5 round Swiss event. At its conclusion, the top 16 will advance to a draft round with the seating will be determined by standing of the first event.

The second event will be drafting 2 Return to Ravnica and 1 Conspiracy packs in another 4 round Swiss event. At its conclusion, the top 8 will advance to the Champion Round.

The Champion round will draft 2 Innistrad Packs – that’s right, Innistrad Packs – and another non-Innistrad of their choice.

The winner of this round will earn the much-coveted title of Champion of the Lair and win the allotted prize.

The kits are first come/first serve and we will begin taking reservations starting next week. We have at least 4 of all the kits and those numbers will be posted also over the weekend. We will only be taking 32 players and the spots will go fast, so once registration is open you need to get your spot. If you cant get into the event, don’t worry, we will be running Drafts all day.

Cost of the Event is $35 and payment is required before you may select your kit. There will be payouts for each bracket which will be announced shortly. For more information, be sure to join our Facebook Event Group.

Good luck and we hope to see you there.

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