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The Hidden Lair Newsletter June 2014

Demo Game of the Week:
June 6th – June 12th: HeroClix War of Light
June 13th – June 19th: Magic the Gathering: Conspiracy Draft
June 20th – June 26th: BattleTech RPG
June 27th – July 3rd: Dice Masters

Each week of June we feature a different game! Come in anytime, grab a game off of our Demo shelf and try it out. Don’t know how to play? Let our staff sit down and teach you! This month, there is even a special day set aside for it! Our Demo section is growing! We just added the amazing game Talisman!

June Friday Night Magic (FNM) promotional cards
June Kaijudo Duel Days promotional card

Monthly Sponsored Donations (5% sales): Decatur, IL Mom’s - we will donate 5% of all retail sales to the Decatur, IL Moms this month. If you have a charity you would like to nominate, please let us know. We will pick a new one each month!


The War of Light HeroClix OP kit is here and it is awesome we will be hosting the events every Sunday at 7pm so come in and check out these amazing new figures.  Each new player into the series will receipt free participation items which can be used in future months.

Conspiracy is Finally here this new amazing Draft format for Magic the Gathering is sure to please.  We will be drafting every Tuesday at 7pm, but we will allowing drafting at anytime with 7 people.  Prize support will be provided for these pick up events.

The Hidden Lair Summer Sessions will be starting soon we will be doing day camps from 10-2 Tuesday-Friday.  We will focus on 4 games; Kaijudo, Pokemon, Dice Masters, HeroClix, At the end of the week their will be a small Tournament for each game where prizes will be awarded.  The kids will be fed lunch each day and will be supplied with materials for the games they will be playing.

Construction on the new location to begin later this month and we are excited.

This month is Free RPG day on June 21st, 2014! Like Free Comic Book Day, this is an all day event where local gaming stores provide free stuff for the Role Player! Swag Galore! If you have not already made plans to spend the day with us then clear your schedule!

We are still looking for Knights of the Hidden Lair.  With each month we are adding more players and more games.  Lead the charge to help us grow your favorite game and get free swag plus a discount store wide. Contact Andy for more details, by calling the store. 217.864.1851

June League Structure—Check store for details!

Magic The Gathering, Standard Construction
Magic The Gathering, Modern Construction
Magic The Gathering, EDH Play
Kaijudo, Standard Construction
Heroclix, 300pt Construction
Heroclix, 500pt Construction
Heroclix, Draft Format
Yu-Gi-Oh, Standard Construction
Netrunner, Standard Construction
Dice Masters, unknown structure

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June 2014 Friday Night Magic or FNM Decatur, IL

 The June promos are in and after last months we are looking forward to another great card.  Dissolve is an Instant for 1 and 2 Blue counter target spell and scry 1.  Oh you play your Desecration Demon not so fast.  We have been getting over 20 players for Friday Night Magic with each week having new players. The word is getting out, we are the central Illinois premier gaming destination and people are driving up to an hour to come play. Winners of our events get the coveted title of Champion of the Lair and are interviewed with a photo on our website.   Feel free to stay after FNM and play one of our many games for free in the Demo Section. With games such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Kaijudo, Netrunner, Quarriors, Dice Masters, and Heroclix, you can always find someone in our store to play just about any game with.

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June 2014 Kaijudo Duel Days in Decatur, IL

Are you ready for the next Duel Day Promo Swarming Rapids Lurker.  A Five cost Evolution creature that can go on any Water Creature, making it a 6000 Blocker with Double Breaker and Unleash.  Unleash allows you to remove a card from under this card and this card get +5000 and is unblockable this turn.  Talk about good!  We receive these cards at the same time we get the Friday Night Magic promos, and will give them to players competing in the weekly tournament for Kaijudo. Our tournaments are being held every Saturday at 11:00 A.M. The total prize pool is 1.5 packs per person. This means not only does each player get a pack, but half a pack per person is used to provide prizes for those that make it to the final rounds of the tournament! This creates an environment where players can be competitive, but nobody go away empty handed. The event lasts until around 2:00pm, and includes lunch. So, if you are interested in hours of entertainment, lunch, and time to hang out with friends, contact our store for details! Call Andy 217 864 1851

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