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December Friday Night Magic or FNM in Decatur, IL

Friday Night Magic is a great event where all of the local magic players get together under one roof and battle it out for prizes. We have added a slight spin to our events by appointing the winner of every tournament in our store the coveted title, Champion of the Lair. We just received the December Promo Cards for FNM and will be including them in the prize pool. “I spoke to my friends at Wizards of the Coast and they are very happy to see I’m carrying the product and running tournaments.”, said Derrick Bradshaw at The Hidden Lair today. It normally takes time to achieve core store status and even after you reach core status it takes several months to start receiving the promotional cards. The hidden Lair not only reached Core status in 2 weeks, it has also already received it’s promotional cards which are in the store and ready for this weeks Friday Night Magic. When Derrick was asked how he managed to get so much done in such a short time, he just smiled and said, “Honestly, it is the players that made this happen. Sure, I do have connections and I’m capable of getting things done, but I could not do it without the support of the gamers”. The store also carries Magic the Gathering decks in the demo section.

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Kaijudo Champions of the Lair- Ben Linn

This past weeks Kaijudo Tournament was an exciting one and the newest Champion of the Lair was a standout.  Ben Lynn used his deck to its fullest potential utilizing a “Dark Scardorable” to take down his opponents.  Ben went undefeated on Saturday taking home 4 packs and the title Champion of the Lair.  We give our congratulations to Ben Lynn the most recent Champion of the Lair!

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Champions of the Lair- Brad Boyd

Yu-Gi-Oh! was fierce this past week! The top 4 consisted of 3 undefeated duelists and 1 person who had only 1 prior loss.  Brad Boyd was paired with a past Champion, Chris Cheetham, for the first round of the finals and narrowly won in 3 games.  The second match went a lot smoother for Brad, using his Samurai deck to capture first place.  Brad took home 6 packs of Shadow Specter and the title, Champion of the Lair. Congratulations Champion Boyd!

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