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Kaijudo Champion of the Lair – Adam Walker

We normally get about 12 participants for our weekly Kaijudo tournament on Saturday morning in Decatur, IL and this one was no exception. Adam did very well that day making it to the final 4 undefeated. His deck was quick, full of blockers, and able to break multiple shields at the same time. That day his final match paired him with another undefeated duelist and he won in 3 matches. All three matches ended with all shields destroyed and creatures being killed as soon as they were put into play. Adam Walker did a very good job with those duels and for the win, took home 4 packs of Kaijudo for 1st place. We would also like to congratulate him as one of our Champions of the Lair!

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Yu-Gi-Oh Champion of the Lair – Chris Cheatham

Chris Cheatham was the winner of our second win a box tournament on Sunday November 17th, 2013. A full box of Shadow Specter was awarded to Chris for his very well earned win! There was a moment in the top 4 that Chris felt he might not win the event. It came to a point where if his opponent drew a monster the game would have been over. However, Chris drew return and set it the next turn. He purposely wiped a monster out while attacking to get rid of his opponents back row. Once cleared, he activated return and brought back blaster, 2 tempest, tidal, and spark dragon for over 8000 damage which was needed because his opponent still had all his life points compared to Chris who only had 1,000. “Anyone can win, just anticipate what you might play. That is the key, don’t just net deck because those decks expect to side heavy for the big decks of the format.”, Chris said when I asked him the secret to his win. He is truly a Champion. We would like to congratulate Chris Cheatham on his victory and becoming our newest Champion of the Lair!

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Yu-Gi-Oh Champion of the Lair – Joshua L. Thomas

Our first Yu-Gi-Oh event had a total of 10 players and was not held as a “win a box” tournament, but rather the normal packs support of 1.5 Judgement of the Light boosters per person. The Hidden Lair would like to congratulate Joshua L Thomas on his victory and becoming one of our first Champions of the Lair! Josh has been a registered tournament judge for almost 4 years now and brings a great deal of experience to our events. Josh has judged events such as SJC Nashville 2010, NAWCQ 2010, YCS Chicago 2010, and was part of the event staff at Gen Con 2010. He splits his time equally between playing and judging and we are happy to have his assistance!

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